Try a Touring Board Experience: 22-23/07/24


2 Bookings Minimum:

Try a touring board experience:


We are delighted to have a range of boards available in our fleet available for demo. If you are spending more time out on the sea and want to upgrade your board, this can be a great opportunity for you to paddle a range of different board to find out what is going to be best for you. We are not sponsored by either of these companies so the information we give you will be unbiased  and based on our experience with them.


The boards available are as follows:

McConks 14′ Go Tourer Board

McConks 12’6″ Go Explore

Aquaplanet 14′ Cuda

Aquaplanet 12’6″ Stinger


  • Boards Provided
  • Previous SUP experience needed.
  • 2 Bookings minimum
  • A website fee of 1.4% is included in the price of each product. In the event of a refund the 1.4% amount will not be refunded. Westaway Adventures do not profit from this.


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Buoyancy Aid


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Kit List:

ATTENTION: Please read the kit list very carefully before booking onto a course. If you don’t have the correct equipment, you may not be able to paddle.

For Coastal SUP sessions you will need the following: 

  • Board 
  • Paddle 
  • Buoyancy Aid – Must be CE approved
  • Suitable footwear – Can be removed whilst on the water
  • Drysuit or Wetsuit – Weather dependant 
  • Quick release leash system
  • Food & Water (Drybag to put it in for the day)

If you have your own buoyancy aid please make sure it’s suitable for moving water.

It needs to have an ‘Anti Ride Up Waist Belt’ This is a strap wrapping around the waist at the lowest point of the buoyancy aid. For reference, the buoyancy aid in the photo has the correct strap.

If you’re not sure whether your equipment is suitable, please feel free to get in touch with us and we can guide you.

Alternatively, you can rent buoyancy aids below.